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How you can get a free Samsung Galaxy S8

May 11th, 2017 7:29:43 am
by Christopher Reyes
Tech Expert

Samsung's new flagship smartphone can be yours - for FREE

After the massive success of the Galaxy S7, Samsung have gone all out to ensure their latest smartphone is better! The S7 outsold the iPhone 6S and it looks like they're going to pull off the same trick again.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has dual stereo speakers, a dual-lens camera, an outstanding 4K display that comes on any of 4 different size screens ranging from 5.1 inches to 6.2 inches, as well as facial recognition scanning (see image) to unlock the phone. All this would cost you around $850, but you can get it for Free!

Review site Product Testing USA are giving away free Samsung Galaxy S8's for their members to review and keep them.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Face

Julia Kowalski from Minnesota was given a free Samsung Galaxy S8 when she joined Product Testing USA recently:

"I was amazed I got an awesome phone for free. It's better than the iPhone by miles. Doing the review didn't take long and it was totally worth it since I didn't pay for the phone."

Review and keep products for free

Product Testing USA has been giving away free products since 2012 and a new product is sent out everyday. It's free to join and once you complete a short offers survey you could be selected as a product tester. You'll then be given a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 to review and keep. Simply do an honest review of the phone and it is yours to keep.

For your chance to get a free Samsung Galaxy S8 join Product Testing USA today. If you're selected you'll be given a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 to review and keep.

How to join Product Testing

Step 1
Click here for Product Testing

Step 2
Sign up for free and complete the short offers survey